Production and supply of high-protein feed ingredients


Protein mixture

Protein mixture is produced with the help of bio-conversion of DDGS and other raw materials. Protein mixture is a product which is rich with biomass of microbiological synthesis. It is a source of protein where there are a lot of amino acids, micro-elements, vitamins and complex of probiotic, antioxidant and bio-protective substances.


Protein mixture contains a significant amount of crude protein from 37 to 46%. Protein in the mixture is a high quality because of essential amino acids which cannot be produced by animal organism. That is why animals should be given protein mixture where there are already various amino acids (33% and more on dry basis).


The protein mixture contains vitamins B, folic acid, fertility vitamin, ergosterin which regulate metabolism of animals. In addition there are a lot of iron, zinc, manganese, copper and other.  

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